Common People Experience with Grout and Tile Cleaning

There are numerous reports of tile and grout cleaning problems, and most of them we hear through our customers and their experience. Many of them have similar problems, but some even come to a useful solution that can be implemented in your strategy for grout and tile cleaning in either bathroom, kitchen or any other room in your house.

The effectiveness of Your Brush.

Just like a writer’s pen needs to be sharp, tile and grout cleaner’s brush must be effective. If you are using an old brush throw that thing away, as you won’t do anything with it. Most of the time you’ll just waste your time and energy into brushing without any results to show in the end. This is why you need a hard brush, but not metal one, to do the job. So pay attention to your tool set as the results of clean tile and grout depend on it.

Know the moves.

You can’t just apply random strokes and expect that your kitchen grout and tile will be clean afterward. You need to direct your movements so that it has some effect. Every tile that you clean should be brushed in the direction of that tile. So, you basically want to go vertically and horizontally when you brush them. But never, under any circumstances should you brush both ways at the same time. Just like with brushing your teeth this technique only piles the dirt between your tiles. So make sure that you brush in series of vertical and horizontal strokes. If you just do random motion scrubbing, you won’t do anything then distribute the dirt all around that area. So think before you start your cleaning session, you don’t want to make it harder for the next person that has to fix your mistakes.

Cleaning your home For VIP Events.

When important guests are about to arrive you have very little time to prepare your home and make it look as representable as possible. Every single detail counts but where to start first. Being that your living room is already fixed there is little you can do to make it look better. There are however areas that your guest will inspect even if they don’t intend to. Just a glimpse can catch small areas that are dirty or unclean. Here are some areas where you should pay attention to hygiene.


If you are in kitchen section, you have a lot to clean, start with tiles and grouts and clean each one with precision and dedication like the last one. Get an old toothbrush apply some chemicals, put your rubber gloves on and start scrubbing. First go with one line all the way to the other side horizontally, then when you finish every tile, continue the process of cleaning by brushing vertically every tile and every grout that you see it dirty. After you’ve successfully cleaned everything, you can continue to another section.


There are certain areas in a bathroom that you need to pay attention to more than on others. These are around the toilet, next to the sink and above the mirror. These are three places that every guest will look if they use your toilet. It’s not as if they are looking for dirt; it’s only that it comes to attention when using the bathroom. So don’t blame them for not having the same facial expression before they enter the toilet and once the return from it.

Expert’s Tips for Grout and Tile Cleaning.

We all know how hard it is to clean all the grout and remove all the dirt from your bathroom or kitchen, but surely there must be some advice from experts that will make this process a whole lot easier. People that are in grout and tile cleaning business had to go through this process on their own before they could figure out more efficient methods of removing the dirt. All of them include professional scrubbing and polishing machines. But how about making your own? Here is a quick manual on how to create your scrubbing machine for removing tile and grout in your bathroom or any other room that has clay in it.

Start from Scratch.

First thing’s first, do you have an electric drill? Any model or type will do no matter if it comes with attached battery or it’s the kind that is plugged into the socket directly. If you do, then you’re half way done. Get a 5-inch bolt, one soap dispensing palm brush extension, and a couple of hex nuts. The extension for soap brush already has a hole in the middle, so you won’t have to drill it. Pull the bolt through the hole on the brush extension, and place one hex nut on one side, and another on the other one. Make sure that you place extra flat and split washers to secure the hex bolt and hex nuts. Once you have them in place use socket and crescent wrench to tighten them and secure the whole thing. Make sure you don’t tighten it too much, you don’t want to damage the plastic on the soap brush extension. Now simply attach the whole thing to the electric drill and secure it and you have a completely functional electric brush. And there you have it; you have you own personally modified tile scrubber that can clean better than any other tool that you can find in your house. Another great thing that you can build from scratch is mini brush using your electric toothbrush. If you have one that you don’t use anymore or if your brush extension is old, you can make a mini brush in the same way like you made the electric drill one. There is nothing better than creating something with your own.

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