Cleaning your home For VIP Events.

When important guests are about to arrive you have very little time to prepare your home and make it look as representable as possible. Every single detail counts but where to start first. Being that your living room is already fixed there is little you can do to make it look better. There are however areas that your guest will inspect even if they don’t intend to. Just a glimpse can catch small areas that are dirty or unclean. Here are some areas where you should pay attention to hygiene.


If you are in kitchen section, you have a lot to clean, start with tiles and grouts and clean each one with precision and dedication like the last one. Get an old toothbrush apply some chemicals, put your rubber gloves on and start scrubbing. First go with one line all the way to the other side horizontally, then when you finish every tile, continue the process of cleaning by brushing vertically every tile and every grout that you see it dirty. After you’ve successfully cleaned everything, you can continue to another section.


There are certain areas in a bathroom that you need to pay attention to more than on others. These are around the toilet, next to the sink and above the mirror. These are three places that every guest will look if they use your toilet. It’s not as if they are looking for dirt; it’s only that it comes to attention when using the bathroom. So don’t blame them for not having the same facial expression before they enter the toilet and once the return from it.

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