Common People Experience with Grout and Tile Cleaning

There are numerous reports of tile and grout cleaning problems, and most of them we hear through our customers and their experience. Many of them have similar problems, but some even come to a useful solution that can be implemented in your strategy for grout and tile cleaning in either bathroom, kitchen or any other room in your house.

The effectiveness of Your Brush.

Just like a writer’s pen needs to be sharp, tile and grout cleaner’s brush must be effective. If you are using an old brush throw that thing away, as you won’t do anything with it. Most of the time you’ll just waste your time and energy into brushing without any results to show in the end. This is why you need a hard brush, but not metal one, to do the job. So pay attention to your tool set as the results of clean tile and grout depend on it.

Know the moves.

You can’t just apply random strokes and expect that your kitchen grout and tile will be clean afterward. You need to direct your movements so that it has some effect. Every tile that you clean should be brushed in the direction of that tile. So, you basically want to go vertically and horizontally when you brush them. But never, under any circumstances should you brush both ways at the same time. Just like with brushing your teeth this technique only piles the dirt between your tiles. So make sure that you brush in series of vertical and horizontal strokes. If you just do random motion scrubbing, you won’t do anything then distribute the dirt all around that area. So think before you start your cleaning session, you don’t want to make it harder for the next person that has to fix your mistakes.

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